Frequently Asked Questions


Why does the rancher choose what’s in the box?

We are committed to supporting ranchers, the animals, land and environment, and that means maximizing the yield from the animal. (This is called whole carcass utilization). And because each animal is different - and our ranches are small - ranchers can’t make every box the same. Working with our ranchers, we provide a mixture of Premium Cuts, Sunday Best and Everyday Essentials. We think it’s a nice opportunity to try new cuts of beef and expand your culinary horizons. We’ll provide recipe support to make preparation easy.

Do you provide recipes to help with cuts of beef that are new to me? We certainly will! We want to help you transform the beef into a delicious meal. Check out our recipe page ((link to recipe page)) or email us at

But I can get beef less expensively at the grocery store...what’s up? Our prices are slightly higher than grocery store prices, but well worth it. The flavor is far superior to what you buy in the grocery store. In addition, our business supports local ranchers and offers quality, transparency, and convenience that you will not be able to get anywhere else.

How should I defrost the beef?

In the refrigerator: 24 hours per 5 pounds of meat Cold water thawing: submerge plastic sealed beef in cold water 30 minutes for every one pound of meat. Change the water every 30 minutes Microwave thawing is not recommended.

What are your quality standards?

Always pasture raised right here in America. There is never use of hormones, antibiotics or feedlots.

Why are feedlots a concern?

Feedlots are inhumane with too many animals living in a cramped environment. This causes stress and unhealthy conditions for the animals which is not good for them and compromises the quality of the meat they produce.

Where does Ranchr beef come from?

We search the country to find small, artisan ranches producing the best quality craft meat.

Is it Organic?

All Ranchr beef is pasture raised which means pesticides are not used because the animals are roaming the natural environment. The diet the animals eat as they are being finished may or may not be organic, depending on the practices of each ranch. Some of our ranchers have organic certification for their products.

Is Ranchr beef grass fed?

All Ranchr cattle are grass fed, meaning they roam in pastures. Some people like to know what diet the cattle are fed as they are being finished. We work with a variety of ranchers, some of whom believe that a grain diet provides extra marbling; others believe that a grass-only diet provides the best flavor. We love the opportunity to taste a variety of beef every month and compare. In all cases - regardless of diet - our ranchers think that animals should roam the grassy lands under open skies with fresh water. This practice is better for the animals and produces beef that tastes amazing.

Is Ranchr beef USDA certified?

Yes. The Federal Meat Inspection Act (FMIA) requires that all meat sold commercially be inspected and passed to ensure that it is safe, wholesome, and properly labeled. The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is responsible for providing this inspection. You will see that label on your beef.

What is shared stewardship?

At Ranchr, we believe the stewardship of the animals, land and environment is up to all of us… the rancher, us and the consumer. When we collectively support small ranchers we “vote” with our dollars to support raising beef in a responsible way.

What is whole carcass utilization and why is it important?

Like our ranching partners, we are deeply committed to environmental and animal stewardship. Commitment to this principle means utilizing as much of the animal as possible and minimizing waste. It is also important to enjoy all cuts of beef and not just the premium cuts. (For comparison, we know a pig farmer who wishes the entire pig could produce bacon!) By joining us in this whole carcass utilization approach, you will receive a mix of mouth-watering beef and recipes to help prepare those you are less familiar with.

Do you sell other kinds of meat like pork and chicken?

We specialize in offering beef from premium craft ranches in the U.S.

When will my order ship?

COVID-19 Update: Our distribution facility is at capacity and is working overtime to fulfill orders. Your order will be shipped within 48 hours of ordering and you will receive a tracking number. Contact with questions.

What if I’m going to be out of town during my scheduled delivery?

Please email us at and we will work with your schedule.

Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

The box and packing materials are compostable! We want to be stewards of the environment when it comes to packaging as well.

I raise cattle for commercial consumption. What are the benefits and how do I work with Ranchr?

We would love to hear from you! As an ecommerce company, our focus is to connect with a large, targeted community across the country and connect with hundreds of new customers that may have been difficult to reach by a smaller platform. Email us at

When will you expand outside the West Coast?

We are planning on delivering nationwide in early 2020.