Frequently Asked Questions


I’ve never tried grass finished beef before. What can I expect?

Grass finished means the cattle have consumed only natural grasses and shrubs their entire lives.  For their grain finished counterparts, they are fed grains (could be a mixture of soy, corn and others) to fatten them up in the last months before they are processed.  Studies show that grass finished beef is more lean and has more nutrients than conventionally grain finished beef such as Omega-3, vitamins and minerals. Grass finished beef cooks faster than grain finished.

With any high-end product, taste is a matter of personal preference, similar to how people experience wine differently. In fact, CNN posted an article ((link to article)) about a blind taste test where there was no clear difference between tasters' preferences.

The important thing to remember is how you prepare it, makes all the difference. See our Tips & Tricks page for guidance.

Why is there a membership fee?

Your membership provides consistent, convenient and reliable access to the best butcher shop quality grass finished beef, at prices less than a butcher shop. There is no requirement how often you must order nor for large amounts of beef that stuff your freezer.

I would like to try new cuts of beef. Do you have recipes to help with that?

We certainly do! We want to help you transform the beef into a delicious meal.  Check out our recipe page or email us at

How should I defrost the cuts of beef?

In the refrigerator: 24 hours per 5 pounds of meat

Cold water thawing: submerge plastic sealed beef in cold water 30 minutes for every one pound of meat. Change the water every 30 minutes 

Microwave thawing is not recommended.

What is the best way to prepare grass finished beef?

Learning how grass finished beef cooks differently than conventional beef is a MUST! In order to be successful, check See our Tips & Tricks page.

Where does Ranchr beef come from?

All of our beef is raised on year-round pastures in the high plains of Arizona. Cattle roam free, have access to natural grasses and shrubs as well as fresh water. They are never given added hormones, antibiotics, color additives or steroids and never spend time in a feedlot.

What are your high quality standards?

Always pasture raised right here in America. There is never use of: added hormones, added antibiotics, steroids, color additives or feedlots.

We dry age our beef 21 days for the best flavor and texture which is the highest standard in the industry.

Why are feedlots a concern?

Feedlots are inhumane with too many animals living in a cramped environment.  This causes stress and unhealthy conditions for the animals which is not good for them (or you when the meat is consumed).  Feedlots compromise the quality of the meat they produce as well as the environment.  The methane gases produced at a feedlot can’t be naturally dealt with making the accumulation of the gases bad for the environment. When cows roam free, the waste they produce is naturally absorbed by the soil which also adds fertilizer.                      

Is your beef Organic?

While our beef is not certified organic, Ranchr beef is pasture raised which means pesticides are not used because the animals are roaming the natural environment.

Is Ranchr beef USDA certified?

Yes.  We work with a small, boutique USDA facility that only processes beef from our ranching partners.  The Federal Meat Inspection Act (FMIA) requires that all meat sold commercially be inspected and passed to ensure that it is safe, wholesome, and properly labeled.  The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is responsible for providing this inspection.  You will see that label on your beef.

Why is it important that you have your own USDA processing facility and don’t use a contracted processor?

We have control of the animal, processing, dry aging and packaging throughout the entire cycle so we know and you know exactly what you’re getting.  During these times of COVID-19 where processing plants are the bottleneck of the availability of beef, we have a more consistent supply of beef because we control the processing.  In our plant we have worked hard to create safe working environments.

Is Ranchr beef USDA graded?

Grading is a system designed to measure the marbling of meat in conventionally grown (grain finished) beef. Comparing grain finished marbling to grass finished marbling is like comparing apples to oranges.

When will my order ship?

We ship Monday  - Thursday.  Your specific box will be shipped on the best day for speed of delivery and safety of the contents.

How much does shipping cost?

We always offer the choice of how much beef you would like to order.  Our cost for the smallest box we ship is approximately $30 with shipping fees, insulated boxes and dry ice (and does not include contents). For your convenience, we offer $12.99 flat rate shipping.

How is my order kept cold during transit?

When the products are shipped they are deep frozen.  Our goal is for your beef to arrive at a safe temperature. Dry ice is used to help keep the contents cold.  Do not handle dry ice with bare hands.

What if my order arrives partially thawed?

It is possible that some of your order might not arrive completely frozen, especially in warm weather.  Our goal is for the products to arrive to you at a safe temperature.  We recommend consuming beef that is not frozen within 7 days.  If a product is completely thawed and not cool to the touch like an item in your refrigerator then we recommend discarding that portion of the order and contacting us at

Can I pause my membership?

Please email us at

What is whole carcass utilization and why is it important?

Like our ranching partners, we are deeply committed to environmental and animal stewardship.  Commitment to this principle means utilizing as much of the animal as possible and minimizing waste.  It is also important to enjoy all cuts of beef and not just the premium cuts. (For comparison, we know a pig farmer who wishes the entire pig could produce bacon!)

Join us by trying new cuts of beef.

Do you sell other kinds of meat like pork and chicken?

We specialize in craft grass finished beef from right here in the U.S.

What is shared stewardship?

At Ranchr, we believe the stewardship of the animals, land and environment is up to all of us… the rancher, us and the consumer.  When we collectively support small ranchers we “vote” with our dollars to support raising beef in a responsible way.

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