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Ranchr Product

What You'll Get

  1. In each box, you will receive 10 pounds of beef in individually wrapped, frozen pieces
  2. We also give you 2 pounds of ground beef for free!
  3. The mix of cuts will break down into the following categories, broken roughly evenly across the three:
    • “The royal family:”
      These are the best of the best, and include rib eye steak, New York strips, tenderloin, coulette. Perfect for the grill, and perfect to impress the neighbors.
    • “Sunday best:”
      These cuts are perfect for family dinners and include roasts, tri tip, ribs, and brisket. Time and attention with these cuts will make your house smell good and put everyone in a good mood.
    • “Everyday essentials:”
      These include ground beef, patties, and flat iron steak. These cuts provide the foundation for a broad array of easy, healthy, and tasty meals.

Every delivery comes with content that celebrates the ranch your meat came from:

  • We’ll ship in an insulated box that will keep your meat frozen and safe. The box and packaging material is 100% compostable.
  • You will receive the background and history of the rancher, including detailed information on cattle diet and raising techniques
  • Each box will include recipes that best capture the flavor of your featured ranch


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On the ranch, if something’s not right, you fix it. We’ve adopted that lesson from our ranch partners. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your Ranchr delivery, we’ll make it right.