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100% grass fed. 100% American. 100% guaranteed.
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Finding high-quality grass-fed beef can be challenging. Once found, it’s often expensive.
Ranchr delivers high-quality, grass-fed, grass-finished beef directly to your door at members-only prices.

Great taste while supporting American small businesses

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How Do We Do It

We source directly from small American ranchers. These unique relationships guarantee your access to the highest quality beef.

How It Works

Join the club for $14.99 a month or $149.99 per year. You’ll gain access to our online butcher shop and never worry about finding great beef again.

Why Join Ranchr?

Butcher Shop Quality

Butcher Shop Quality Say goodbye to grocery store beef! Our cattle roam in open pastures year round, and we add no hormones or antibiotics. Your beef will come dry aged for 21 days and hand cut in a boutique processing facility.

Flexible Ordering Options Choose what you want, when you want. Unlike other online options that lock you into a fixed schedule, or require big boxes that stuff your freezer, we accommodate your specific needs or schedule that works for you.

Flexible Ordering Options
Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind Our membership club provides guaranteed access to healthy beef raised the right way. Take comfort in knowing you are supporting American small business while having one less thing to worry about.

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The Ranchr Guarantee

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In Their Words

Our customers share their Ranchr experiences.

“I consider myself a grass finished beef connoisseur, and this is the best I’ve ever had! Not sure what kind of magic they use but there is a noticeable difference.”

- Evan P.

“Knowing that the beef I eat is supporting local, American ranchers makes it taste so much better! And nice to know that you have control over the entire process...great peace of mind!”

- Ryan W.

“Pasture-raised beef is important to my family and we like supporting small ranchers. Love the breakfast sausage - who knew beef was for breakfast!”

- Jamie S.