Premium quality beef sourced from
America's finest small-town ranchers.

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What is Ranchr?

Ranchr brings America’s finest ranches to you. Every month you’ll receive a box of 10-12 lbs of beef directly from American small-town ranchers. You’ll get to know their stories, understand the raising techniques, experience their pride, and discover meats from some of the most hard-working and thoughtful Americans.

Each month the box will be from a different ranch, allowing you to experience the differences in taste and variety from one ranch to another. But every time you will receive antibiotic free, hormone free, pasture-raised, high-quality beef.

We take pride in every ranch we select, so you can take pride in the meals you create.

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How Does Ranchr Work?

Just drop in your details and you’ll be on the list to enjoy this month’s meat from one of our vetted ranches.

You’ll receive between 10-12 lbs of high-end cuts and ground beef every month. Meats come frozen in a beautifully packaged box that is 100% recyclable. Included in the box will be the history and heritage of the ranch where your meat was raised as well as full transparency on the raising techniques themselves.

Ranchr beef is not only incredibly healthy, it is also delicious. Take pride in knowing that the beef on your plate comes from a long line of American-born ranches where quality, heritage, and compassion come together.

Feel Better About What You Eat

Every Ranchr box helps you...

Eat healthier beef
(no antibiotics, hormones)

Get yours

Support the environment
(pasture raised, from ranchers who care about their land)


Support America’s small businesses


Be the grill hero

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Rave Reviews for Ranchr

"Knowing that the beef I eat is supporting local, American ranchers makes it taste so much better!"

Ryan W.

"Pasture-raised beef is important to my family and I. We’re not only eating healthy meat, but we’re also making a positive impact on the environment... it really makes Ranchr a no-brainer."

Evan P.

"Getting to know the stories of these local ranchers is really, really fun. I would’ve never known that one month’s ranch has been in their family for 100+ years!"

Jamie S.
Always American
100% Satisfaction

On the ranch, if something’s not right, you fix it. We’ve adopted that lesson from our ranch partners. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your Ranchr delivery, we’ll make it right.