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Finding high-quality grass-fed beef can be challenging. Once found, it’s often expensive.
Ranchr delivers high-quality, grass-fed, grass-finished beef directly to your door at members-only prices. You won't find beef with higher standards.

How It Works


Step 1: Join the Club!

Ranchr is a discount membership club that delivers grass finished beef at up to 30% less than butcher stores. For only $14.99 per month or $149 per year, you get access to our private stock of beef raised by small American ranchers. Our membership comes with a 100% guarantee - no questions asked. You will select the membership plan that works for you at checkout.


Step 2: Make Your Selections!

We offer both curated bundles and individual cuts to fit your needs. Choose a bundle and unlock 20% off all additional selections.


Step 3: Get Fast and Safe Delivery!

Your order will be carefully packed, insulated, and shipped via UPS to your door. To maintain the highest standards, we ship directly from our own facility and do not use third party distributors.


Step 4: Become A Hero!

Whether in the kitchen or on the grill, you will amaze your family and friends with the taste of grass fed, grass finished beef. You’ll never have to worry about finding great beef again. And you’ll feel good knowing that you’re supporting America’s small ranchers.

Towards Better Beef

We Deliver Healthy Beef You Can Feel Good About

Our ranching partners raise their cattle on the high plains of Arizona, which provides year round sunshine, water, and naturally occurring native grasses. Free range roaming across millions of acres promotes a stress-free life and minimizes carbon footprint. Our beef is 100% grass fed and grass finished, and is free of added hormones and antibiotics. Grass fed, grass finished beef is higher than conventional beef in important nutrients such as Omega-3 fatty acids.


We Take Meticulous Care Throughout the Process

Beef is all we do. We use a rural USDA boutique processing plant that only accepts animals from our ranching partners. On site butchers hand cut and dry age for 21 days. They work alongside a team of specialists who create the spices that go into the sausage and fajita mix. We ship directly from the ranch to you to ensure that you get the quality you deserve. Ownership and visibility into the entire process provides reliable access and consistent excellence.


We Celebrate Everyday Heroes

Ranchers are cowboys, and cowboys (and cowgirls!) may be the most enduring American heroes. Many of our ranchers are Native Americans, whose families have raised cattle for generations. We are proud to work with and support them. We also celebrate you: the everyday hero in the kitchen and by the grill. We hope our product provides more smiles and one less thing to worry about. SHOP NOW


Why Join Ranchr?

Butcher Shop Quality

Butcher Shop Quality Say goodbye to grocery store beef! Our cattle roam in open pastures year round, and we add no hormones or antibiotics. Your beef will come dry aged for 21 days and hand cut in a boutique processing facility.

Flexible Ordering Options Choose what you want, when you want. Unlike other online options that lock you into a fixed schedule, or require big boxes that stuff your freezer, we accommodate your specific needs or schedule that works for you.

Flexible Ordering Options
Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind Our membership club provides guaranteed access to healthy beef raised the right way. Take comfort in knowing you are supporting American small business while having one less thing to worry about.

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In Their Words

Our customers share their Ranchr experiences.

“I consider myself a grass finished beef connoisseur, and this is the best I’ve ever had! Not sure what kind of magic they use but there is a noticeable difference.”

- Evan P.

“Knowing that the beef I eat is supporting local, American ranchers makes it taste so much better! And nice to know that you have control over the entire process...great peace of mind!”

- Ryan W.

“Pasture-raised beef is important to my family and we like supporting small ranchers. Love the breakfast sausage - who knew beef was for breakfast!”

- Jamie S.